About the bar/cafe concept : [email protected] Mall

To stand out as a new player in the Food & Beverage industry, Sixty40 needed a distinctive style and personality to attract customers to its outlet at Rochester Mall, which is next to The Star Vista at Buona Vista MRT. Sixty40 is a bar/cafe which serves the freshest food sourced from reputable suppliers in a cosy ambience with live music on Thursday – Saturday nights.

Working with a PR company which defined the identity of Sixty40, Hoovix set out to extend the look and feel of Sixty40 to users who are browsing the website, be it on the mobile or desktop. While delivering a consistent experience across most mobile phones and tablets and on different browsers across the PC or MAC operating systems, the site exudes the style of Sixty40′s interior furnishings and most importantly, the tasty food which the outlet serves.

Web users are able to browse the menu on any device, to preview the on-site physical menu. Speaking of the physical menu, Hoovix was in-charge of the concept, design and production of the menu you see at the cafe. The rustic laminated look of the menu was a combination of modern and outdoor-sy elements which Sixty40 requested for. We created a dual side flipping menu : one side for the food, the other side which is printed in black, for the beverages, thus allowing the waiters/waitresses to conveniently up-sell one or the other.

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