About Radius Group’s Corporate Website

Radius Group is one of the leading companies in modern and creative experiential marketing solutions. They provide end-to-end services to meet the needs of clients in the arena of exhibitions, events and interior architecture. Having offices in Singapore, Malaysia, China, Thailand, UAE, and with associates in Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Korea and Taiwan catapults Radius Group into a position where they can serve clients all around the world without friction or border.

With such a holistic and detailed background, Radius Group requires a website which showcases and encapsulates all the information in a concise manner. With the use of multiple web presentation techniques, we are able to present all the information to the users with ease. We used different styles for each segment of radiusworld.com because each of the segments is different in terms of data and content.

Being fully responsive on the mobile device was a huge requirement which we successfully executed. Having brochures, milestones, an interactive map, banners with lots of content were some of the challenges we have to overcome in order to proudly label radiusworld.com as “Fully Mobile Responsive”.

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