Project Description

From get-go, Eleventh store has established a unique style and has been determined to set the pace and rhythm in Singapore’s competitive retail space. Having a boutique shop at Far East Square enables them to serve many loyal customers for the past few years, but many asked for more avenues to access their collection. Hence, the idea of building up an online shop to serve the customers 24/7 was an exciting one. However, to distinguish themselves from the hundreds of fashion shops online, the owners conceptualised the idea to add the element of urgency and limited time sales as one of the core selling propositions.

The idea is simple yet one of a kind: each campaign window is limited and every campaign has its own unique style. With in-depth conversations with the owners, Hoovix designed the e-commerce store to highlight the limited time sales and eleventh’s very own collection of fashion items. On the back-end, Hoovix integrated the entire infrastructure together, enabling them to run the entire e-commerce business on their own. With hands-on training sessions, eleventh store is able to determine which fashion pieces go on sale, accept payments from users via Paypal, manage orders; all from an online e-shop system.

Hoovix has also set up the peripherals services which support the core buying and selling process; the newsletter system which is crucial in collecting data from users, and also to communicate the campaign time windows to them.

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