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Creative Web Design

Custom Web Applications

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Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software

At Hoovix, we believe in working with clients to produce one-of-its-kind interactive experiences and campaigns, beyond critical thinking and well-crafted strategies, we believe in pushing the envelopes and redefining our client’s challenges.

Striking a strong contrast in our cultural and professional diversity, we believe in working as a team to deliver client-focused solutions. To best answer our clients’ needs, we maintain honest communication with our clients and deliver a high level of transparency and consistency in all our business dealings.

Our 5-step process

  1. Evaluate / Assess

From the minute the client knocks on our doors, we delve head-in to their businesses with comprehensive research, understanding the end user’s journey and consumer insights.

Following this digital X-ray scan, we work out specific work streams required to attain each deliverable.

  1. Interprete

We pick and select the best method to solve the issues of our clients from our existing suite of services. We and are constantly expanding our areas of expertise to level ourselves up in the everchanging technological landscape.

  1. Tailor

The crucial stage where innovative insights marry technology to produce magic, our team provides bespoke solutions by offering tailor made consultations, customizing codes and building systems from scratch. Our mantra has always been “If the solution doesn’t fit, the solution is not right”.

  1. Deliver

What good are we if all these conversations do not lead to some action? Constantly challenging our solutions via a series of platform testing and analytics tracking, we ensure the end product is ready to impress.

  1. Follow-Up

To complete our client-servicing journey, nothing is left to chance until the solution has proven itself to be bulletproof based on agreed KPIs. Till then, our team promises to constantly enhance, refine and make changes to our products to best answer your needs.

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